VR technology and erotic against boredom in the pandemic

Besides empty supermarkets and curfews, there are completely different problems that keep men and women busy. What about Corona and sex, for example? Well, he who has a partner, but singles have it pretty hard at the moment. Meet someone in the disco? Out of the question! A visit to a brothel? That is also not possible at the moment.

But even during Corona no one has to sit on dry land, because there are far more possibilities than simply masturbating. The following tips show how personal fun does not come up short despite the current crisis situation.

A hands-on experience with virtual reality porn

experience with virtual reality porn

Virtual reality has long since arrived among gamers, but there are also more and better VR offerings in the world of movies and porn, such as from RealityLovers.

  • For those who clearly miss their partner having sex during Corona, hot virtual reality porn can bring the pleasure almost all the way home.
  • Unique 3D views and the possibility to look around the scenery make VR porn a breathtaking experience. Everything feels so real, as if you were right in the middle of the action.
  • But beware: once you’ve ventured into VR porn and really gotten your money’s worth here, you’ll want more very quickly, because the experience is incredibly hot. What better distraction from the crisis atmosphere?
  • The best VR experience is by far with VR live cams!

Fun with webcam sex and amateur sex videos

Times quickly masturbate in the shower helps against the worst pressure, but in the long run this is too boring. Since there are hardly any chances for sex meetings during Corona, webcam sex and amateur sex videos are a great alternative.

Hot girls loll in front of the camera, chat with the viewers and do everything to satisfy lonely men’s hearts.

The best thing is: there is no risk of infection during webcam sex and the pleasure is still great. Almost all webcam sites like mydirtyhobby also offer hot amateur sex videos, made by German pornstars for lustful viewers. No fakes, nothing posed, but pure lust just waiting to be shared with lonely, lustful viewers. Despite Corona, you can thus have fun together.

No taboos in the sex chat

Just let your imagination run wild and tell a woman your most secret fantasies? This is possible in sex chat without any problems.

It tingles when the desire slowly builds up through well-chosen words and hot sluts are ready to reveal their intimate fantasies. With many sex chat sites, a connection via webcam is possible at the same time. So the viewer can not only read, but also see what is happening. The corona virus makes sex difficult, but alternatives still offer pleasure in the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. Why not just chat uninhibitedly with a sinfully horny woman, exchange horny photos or show each other on camera what you are doing?

Erotic browser games for hot variety

Interaction is most important during sex and with horny browser games you have the opportunity to actively intervene in the action. All you need to play is an Internet-enabled computer with a browser. Mostly you don’t even have to download the hot games, you can play directly in the browser. Dive into the virtual world of sex, fun and pleasure. Sometimes combined with magic, sometimes combined with role-playing games, erotic browser games bring you a lot of pleasure, in the often boring Corona time.

Let your imagination run wild when you create your own playmates on the computer. Or play together with others and pass your time in domestic quarantine in such a highly erotic way. But watch out: The hot games have a high addiction factor and bring you erotic pleasure even after Corona.

Phone sex with cam

Phone sex is an age-old way for singles to get a special, erotic kick. However, even those who have a female partner are not allowed to get it as often as they would like.

Here, too, it helps many men if they can live out their lust together with a horny sex partner on the phone. The caller dials directly the number of the woman who particularly turns him on. Then a video chat is started and a live transmission takes place during the phone call.

Who wouldn’t melt with lust when a cute girl lolls in front of the camera and you can hear her lustful moans and dirty fantasies at the same time?

Premium porn for exclusive sex fun

Free porn is a dime a dozen, but not every sex movie is really hot. The very special pleasure comes with premium porn in full length and HD quality. Here the lonely hours during the Corona crisis become a highly erotic adventure.

In almost every genre there are horny premium movies, whether hot MILFS, BDSM or another preference – the choice is almost limitless. If you’ve never watched premium porn before, you’ll be surprised at the high-quality HD and the special, visual experience.

Even if a quick sex movie on the cell phone is enough for a short time as a masturbation template, solo sex with an HD premium porn becomes a very special pleasure.

Time enough is there thanks to the corona virus, so why not arrange a cozy sofa evening for yourself, with a good bottle of wine and a high-quality porn.

Horny pleasure with numerous VOD porn sites

Just 20 years ago, you would rent your favorite porn on videocassette from the video store. In the age of Netflix and co., physical media are increasingly fading into the background. But Netflix offers numerous erotic films, but no real porn.

But that doesn’t matter, because there are numerous erotic VOD portals where friends of cultivated eroticism can simply rent their horny porn online and stream it. Of course, the movies can also be purchased and downloaded!

The advantages to the numerous free clips on the Internet are obvious. They are complete, high-quality porn. All downloads are also virus-free.

If there is a good time for an online erotic video store then it is now, because right now most singles are struggling with loneliness and lack of sex partners.

More than just masturbating with the right sex toys

How nice it feels to penetrate a woman, feel her tightness and barely be able to keep your own lust in check. Admittedly, the corona virus makes sex dates enormously difficult, but with hot sextoys and masturbators the lonely time can be overcome.

The selection of sex toys for solo sex is huge and online mail order works even in corona time. Why not spend some pleasurable time with a horny masturbator? Many men believe that there is no difference here to their own hand. But once they try it, they don’t want to stop.

No restaurant costs, no trips, no concerts – most people are saving quite a bit of money at the moment, so why not invest in hot sex toys and finally masturbate more beautifully?

Hot education by a strict online mistress

Hard times also for all pleasure slaves who can’t visit their mistress at the moment. But strict education does not have to be renounced even during the pandemic. Sharp and very strict mistresses educate their slaves also online.

Some may not even have had the courage to actually visit a dominatrix so far. All the better to use the time now, with education by an online dominatrix.

But beware: Anyone who believes that online BDSM cam chat is less strict, is under a big misapprehension. Also in the online education, the dominatrix does not show mercy, but is relentlessly strict.

Taboo sex stories

Just dive into the unadorned and uninhibited fantasies of other people? Or learn what is going on in other beds? No problem, because hot sex stories offer the perfect opportunity for this.

There are them in all categories, from A like anal sex, to Z like tongue games, from tender to hard, from soft to taboo. What could be better than spending the evening with the experiences of horny women and men?

Who says that you always have to go out to have really horny experiences? The imagination can be stimulated by short and long sex stories and make solo sex a much hornier experience.

Intimate experiences with a lifelike sex doll

Caressing, feeling and touching the body of the other person is probably the most beautiful thing during sex. Even if the times speak against sex dates and hot meetings at the moment, body contact does not have to be renounced.

  • Life-like sex dolls, so-called Realdolls, are the perfect playmates during the Corona crisis.
  • No one has to go to bed alone when a horny doll is just waiting to be used lustfully.
  • The best thing is: she is always ready for action, she is always in lust and she feels so incredibly real.

Brothels have long offered sex with these hot dolls because more and more men are realizing how much fun they can have with these artificial girls. Brothels are closed, but having your own sex doll is a great way to pass the time.

Sexual activity possible even despite Corona

Whether it’s with horny porn, hot sex toys or spicy erotic stories, the possibilities to have sex are there even during the corona virus. Life at the moment consists of restrictions that are unavoidable. But moping doesn’t have to be, because even for singles there are horny possibilities how they can occupy themselves erotically. Even couples benefit from getting their sex life going while staying at home.