Growing Need & Requirement of Computers

macbook-577758_960_720A pc is a general purpose device which may be programmed to perform a limited set of arithmetic or logical operations.

The computer technology is becoming vital requirement of life for us. It isn’t only that which we favor; now a computer is a lot more than a mandatory choice that people constantly pick to work with. Nevertheless, computer expenses become a major question in regards to solving problems through computing.

It is true that world’s largest banks and multinational companies are out of recession age but we the common men will not be. We’re still lagging behind because age, still attempting to drag ourselves from it. In that case why not start with a little but really significant and rewarding investment. Let us help ourselves out by purchasing low-cost computers to deal with our extreme demand.

The need of low-cost computers is rising daily. You might want to provide a boost to your own organization by raising the work efficiency through the rise in how many low-priced used computers at your work place but aren’t in a position of a large investment. Due to warm constraints, and size limitations, notebooks had slower chips, less hard disk space and less memory despite the fact that they were substantially more costly. But with improvements in technology, better heat distribution and quick low power chips, desktop computers simply are not as important as they used to be.

  • Unquestionably, laptop computers are a lot more mobile empowering users to choose their computer together almost everywhere they go.
  • Many schools, resorts, eateries and places like public parks and airports have Wifi connections for his or her clients and visitors which mean that anyone using a notebook as well as a smart phone can get online.
  • Sadly, desktop computers still possess the capacity to do things that only can not be done with a notebook.
  • Upgrades for desktop computers are a lot simpler as well because it is possible to open the case to swap out parts including replacing smaller RAM modules with bigger ones and adding hard drives.

mouse-586244_960_720Technology is the greatest thing ever devised. Mostly, technology was devised to reduce the workload of individual. Whatever reduces human attempt is a machine. It’s extremely useful and practical because our jobs becomes lighter and simpler. Most machines today are run by the computer. Applications are chosen into a particular task or tasks. It might mind a single or couple of commands as well as the machines is going to be the one to get the job done. It’s still managed by individuals; only machines do it for us.

Computers are made to be demanding, can choose multiple commands, and perform maximum as well as quality operation. Computers can form multiple jobs in a period of a short amount of time. Computers at home through the first times can just do typing commands. It already has software for home and office use.

When intending to purchase one, you have to select the very best, efficient and quality computers accessible the industry. You should establish guidelines according to your own settings. Some like little displays and others favor the big, high definition desktop displays.

Companies like Intel, Aspire, Streamlined and Acer possess the top computers available in the marketplace now. The higher priced unit will not mean it works better than the more economical one. It still depends upon your function. Not only that, look at the specs of the computer system.

Facebook Achieves 12% More Gains

FB shares are spiking to-day, and were up around 13 per cent after the firm reported its fourth quarter gains of last year.

And because of what? Yet again, expectations were fully destroyed. FaceBook introduced $5.841 million in sales and earnings of 79 cents per-share, compared to earnings of 68 cents per-share and $5.37 million in gross sales.

Face Book stated that consumers are seeing 100-million hrs of video everyday, and additionally shown a lots of new powerful stats. Eighty per cent of the marketing business of the firm today comes from devices that are mobile. A part of the cause of the achievement of the quarter was the firm did a far better job of monetizing its global markets, which it is significantly fought with historically.

A stock-price that is great does a variety of issues to get a business, but one key factor is maintaining morale high and supporting fresh expertise is attracted by Face Book.

Face Book and the biggest engineering firms on the planet are fighting, keeping it self at an over $200 million market-cap. A great stock-price at least assists in maintaining that ability that is fresh going in as provide the remaining part of the entire world on the web and Face Book seems to keep on iterating its merchandise.

Like Apple, the CFO of Face Book said that there is some effect from foreign currency exchange rates — these times, a problem businesses are finding generally — but it appears that Fb was at least somewhat resistant to broadbased macro-economic weakness.

Therefore this is rather great information for Face Book. Face Book arrived the door moving while several other engineering companies like Facebook Square and also Apple are dropping and was quickly rewarded by traders, who are progressively searching for financial advancement as opposed to straightforward increase.

The truth is, the userbase of Face Book did not really increase much, but-its monetization motor proceeds to enhance, also it’s began several attempts to get other globe on the web to greater enlarge the foundation of customers it may necessarily monetize. While others want to concentrate on increase and figure away the monetization motor after, the emphasis of Face Book must be enhancing its marketing products — which it seems to be triumphing in to date.

VR technology and erotic against boredom in the pandemic

Besides empty supermarkets and curfews, there are completely different problems that keep men and women busy. What about Corona and sex, for example? Well, he who has a partner, but singles have it pretty hard at the moment. Meet someone in the disco? Out of the question! A visit to a brothel? That is also not possible at the moment.

But even during Corona no one has to sit on dry land, because there are far more possibilities than simply masturbating. The following tips show how personal fun does not come up short despite the current crisis situation.

A hands-on experience with virtual reality porn

experience with virtual reality porn

Virtual reality has long since arrived among gamers, but there are also more and better VR offerings in the world of movies and porn, such as from RealityLovers.

  • For those who clearly miss their partner having sex during Corona, hot virtual reality porn can bring the pleasure almost all the way home.
  • Unique 3D views and the possibility to look around the scenery make VR porn a breathtaking experience. Everything feels so real, as if you were right in the middle of the action.
  • But beware: once you’ve ventured into VR porn and really gotten your money’s worth here, you’ll want more very quickly, because the experience is incredibly hot. What better distraction from the crisis atmosphere?
  • The best VR experience is by far with VR live cams!

Fun with webcam sex and amateur sex videos

Times quickly masturbate in the shower helps against the worst pressure, but in the long run this is too boring. Since there are hardly any chances for sex meetings during Corona, webcam sex and amateur sex videos are a great alternative.

Hot girls loll in front of the camera, chat with the viewers and do everything to satisfy lonely men’s hearts.

The best thing is: there is no risk of infection during webcam sex and the pleasure is still great. Almost all webcam sites like mydirtyhobby also offer hot amateur sex videos, made by German pornstars for lustful viewers. No fakes, nothing posed, but pure lust just waiting to be shared with lonely, lustful viewers. Despite Corona, you can thus have fun together.

No taboos in the sex chat

Just let your imagination run wild and tell a woman your most secret fantasies? This is possible in sex chat without any problems.

It tingles when the desire slowly builds up through well-chosen words and hot sluts are ready to reveal their intimate fantasies. With many sex chat sites, a connection via webcam is possible at the same time. So the viewer can not only read, but also see what is happening. The corona virus makes sex difficult, but alternatives still offer pleasure in the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. Why not just chat uninhibitedly with a sinfully horny woman, exchange horny photos or show each other on camera what you are doing?

Erotic browser games for hot variety

Interaction is most important during sex and with horny browser games you have the opportunity to actively intervene in the action. All you need to play is an Internet-enabled computer with a browser. Mostly you don’t even have to download the hot games, you can play directly in the browser. Dive into the virtual world of sex, fun and pleasure. Sometimes combined with magic, sometimes combined with role-playing games, erotic browser games bring you a lot of pleasure, in the often boring Corona time.

Let your imagination run wild when you create your own playmates on the computer. Or play together with others and pass your time in domestic quarantine in such a highly erotic way. But watch out: The hot games have a high addiction factor and bring you erotic pleasure even after Corona.

Phone sex with cam

Phone sex is an age-old way for singles to get a special, erotic kick. However, even those who have a female partner are not allowed to get it as often as they would like.

Here, too, it helps many men if they can live out their lust together with a horny sex partner on the phone. The caller dials directly the number of the woman who particularly turns him on. Then a video chat is started and a live transmission takes place during the phone call.

Who wouldn’t melt with lust when a cute girl lolls in front of the camera and you can hear her lustful moans and dirty fantasies at the same time?

Premium porn for exclusive sex fun

Free porn is a dime a dozen, but not every sex movie is really hot. The very special pleasure comes with premium porn in full length and HD quality. Here the lonely hours during the Corona crisis become a highly erotic adventure.

In almost every genre there are horny premium movies, whether hot MILFS, BDSM or another preference – the choice is almost limitless. If you’ve never watched premium porn before, you’ll be surprised at the high-quality HD and the special, visual experience.

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Time enough is there thanks to the corona virus, so why not arrange a cozy sofa evening for yourself, with a good bottle of wine and a high-quality porn.

Horny pleasure with numerous VOD porn sites

Just 20 years ago, you would rent your favorite porn on videocassette from the video store. In the age of Netflix and co., physical media are increasingly fading into the background. But Netflix offers numerous erotic films, but no real porn.

But that doesn’t matter, because there are numerous erotic VOD portals where friends of cultivated eroticism can simply rent their horny porn online and stream it. Of course, the movies can also be purchased and downloaded!

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More than just masturbating with the right sex toys

How nice it feels to penetrate a woman, feel her tightness and barely be able to keep your own lust in check. Admittedly, the corona virus makes sex dates enormously difficult, but with hot sextoys and masturbators the lonely time can be overcome.

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No restaurant costs, no trips, no concerts – most people are saving quite a bit of money at the moment, so why not invest in hot sex toys and finally masturbate more beautifully?

Hot education by a strict online mistress

Hard times also for all pleasure slaves who can’t visit their mistress at the moment. But strict education does not have to be renounced even during the pandemic. Sharp and very strict mistresses educate their slaves also online.

Some may not even have had the courage to actually visit a dominatrix so far. All the better to use the time now, with education by an online dominatrix.

But beware: Anyone who believes that online BDSM cam chat is less strict, is under a big misapprehension. Also in the online education, the dominatrix does not show mercy, but is relentlessly strict.

Taboo sex stories

Just dive into the unadorned and uninhibited fantasies of other people? Or learn what is going on in other beds? No problem, because hot sex stories offer the perfect opportunity for this.

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Intimate experiences with a lifelike sex doll

Caressing, feeling and touching the body of the other person is probably the most beautiful thing during sex. Even if the times speak against sex dates and hot meetings at the moment, body contact does not have to be renounced.

  • Life-like sex dolls, so-called Realdolls, are the perfect playmates during the Corona crisis.
  • No one has to go to bed alone when a horny doll is just waiting to be used lustfully.
  • The best thing is: she is always ready for action, she is always in lust and she feels so incredibly real.

Brothels have long offered sex with these hot dolls because more and more men are realizing how much fun they can have with these artificial girls. Brothels are closed, but having your own sex doll is a great way to pass the time.

Sexual activity possible even despite Corona

Whether it’s with horny porn, hot sex toys or spicy erotic stories, the possibilities to have sex are there even during the corona virus. Life at the moment consists of restrictions that are unavoidable. But moping doesn’t have to be, because even for singles there are horny possibilities how they can occupy themselves erotically. Even couples benefit from getting their sex life going while staying at home.

The top 7 benefits of using crypto currencies in online casinos

The technological revolution has brought about various changes in our society. Information can be obtained, bills can be paid and even dates can be arranged in the simplest way imaginable today – with just a few hand movements and clicks, via mobile phone or tablet.

The advertising companies are exclusively responsible for the content of press releases. bears no liability for the promised services or investment recommendations of this article.

One of the newest and most interesting impulses in the field of technology is the crypto currency. The first crypto currency, Bitcoin, became known to the public in January 2009. It is still unknown whether Satoshi Nakamoto is an individual or a group, but the introduction of Bitcoin has led to an unprecedented breakthrough of digital currency – complete with simpler payment methods and new investments waiting to be used.

Since the advent of Bitcoin, many cryptos have appeared on the market and offer the two main selling points-the crypto currency is most famous for its anonymity and decentralization.

The introduction of the crypto currency has had many effects on people and society, but it has had a much greater impact on the casino industry. It offers many advantages for online casino players. Many websites such as have already included the use of crypto currencies in their offerings because of their benefits.

Here are the top 8 benefits that crypto currencies have in relation to online casinos:

1. anonymity

Anonymity is one of the most important key features of the crypto currency. Crypto-currency enables total anonymity for the users and the online casino. The only information that is visible in the transactions is the wallet ID of both users.

2. speed

We all know the difficulties of bank transactions. Sometimes it can take a few days for the money to be credited to your account. For people who use crypto currency, the time-consuming process of bank transfers is no longer necessary. A few clicks are enough!

You can also transfer money at any time, as crypto payments are possible around the clock. Online casino sites like are popular for their fast transactions with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

3. lower fees

Most crypto currencies are decentralized, i.e. they are not processed via banking transactions and are therefore free of handling fees. Although there are still crypto-currencies that incur transaction fees, these fees are lower compared to bank transfers. Funds can be transferred directly without waiting for confirmation, as there is no middleman to handle the transactions.

4. security

The use of crypto currencies gives people the ability to protect their personal information. Most online casinos will only ask you for your crypto address and username to process transactions. Click this link for more information. Protecting your identity and other personal information has never been easier than with the anonymity that crypto transactions provide.

5. high accessibility

Transferring funds is easy and does not require an Internet connection, as access to the cryptos is possible via a wallet. Your transactions with the casino can be easily processed as long as you have a wallet ID and a username. All you need is an Internet connection to receive your cash-outs.

6. money security

Crypto currency can be stored as digital assets in different wallets. These wallets are protected by digital keys. The best way to store crypto currencies is to store them in a hardware or paper wallet. Websites like offer their players a fast and easy direct conversion of Fiat money into Bitcoin.

7. security of funds

Since there is little or no jurisdiction when it comes to crypto currencies, their use is freer and more flexible. For players who travel or live in regulated countries, placing bets using crypto currencies is much less problematic.

The introduction of crypto currencies in online casinos has made gambling more fun, faster and fairer. Not only can you play with more security and less hassle – but you also gain access to a whole world of exciting gaming interfaces.

Place sports bets with Bitcoin: How it works

The keyword sports betting with Bitcoin may surprise you. In fact, Bitcoin bets are possible. Consider this digital currency as a normal means of payment.

Some betting providers offer their customers the option of betting on the various sports bets with Bitcoins. For a list of all btc betting events, check out these btc sportsbook sites. It should be noted in this context that a Bitcoin is not automatically a Euro, so it is about the exchange rate.

But the principle of sports betting is the same as you are used to. Today, Bitcoins are certainly not unusual, but they are for sports betting. In this article you will learn more about the topic of sports betting with Bitcoin and what possibilities exist. The only question is whether the bookmaker of your choice offers you the opportunity to use money in this way.

What does sports betting with Bitcoin mean?

Sports betting with Bitcoin is basically nothing more than normal sports betting online. The only difference is the means of payment. It is a digital currency that is comparable to the dollar, the euro and so on. Only, of course, it has a special Bitcoin exchange rate. We can’t tell you exactly how this is at this point. This is because the exchange rates are fluctuating. Remember that you have to find a sports betting provider that accepts Bitcoin as its currency. Not everyone does this, but the best betting providers generally present this option. Where exactly the chance is, you will find out, for example, in our betting provider comparison. What you place your sports bets on is up to you, as is the amount of the stake. The betting process is the same as you are used to. This should already answer the question: “How does sports betting work with Bitcoin?

What does Bitcoin mean?

If you want to understand the principle of Bitcoin sports betting, you should first know what is meant by Bitcoin. The term digital currency already explains a lot. It is a means of payment. You can use it in the digital world, or in other words on the Internet. However, it is not money that you carry around in your wallet. The term Bitcoin can be translated as digital coin.

The development was completed in 2009. Transfers are processed via a network of computers and, unlike normal banking transactions, there is no need for a central processing point. When we talk about an exchange rate, it refers to the fact that a supply has to meet a demand. This issue could be further elaborated, but now it becomes complicated with cryptographic techniques and so on. For this reason, we are also talking about a crypto currency or crypto money.

How do you get Bitcoins?

You may be wondering how you can get Bitcoins to make sports bets with them. Because if you have this money available, you can use it easily with the betting provider of your choice. It’s no different than using a credit card. There are online exchanges that are comparable to the foreign exchange market. Here, Bitcoins are exchanged for other means of payment.

  • You save the Bitcoins and can then use them for payments on the Internet. There are different units, which is no different from the Euro, for example.
  • If you are a customer of a bookmaker on the Internet who accepts this currency, decide to make payments with Bitcoin and place your bets.
  • You may even get a betting bonus. If you win, the odds will be used to calculate how much money you will get into your account. You could have this paid out to you.

What you should know about sports betting

This article is about sports betting with Bitcoin. But we want to point out once again what is meant by the increasingly popular sports betting. You can bet on an average of 35 sports or more. And that without a break. It is not only about the winner. Often there is an incredible variety of dozens of options. Each one is presented with odds. Based on your bet, no matter in which currency, you can guess how much money you will win if you win. The money is booked to your betting account, which is why you have to register first. You could have the winnings paid out to you. However, no bonus may be active. You can choose between a large number of online betting portals. They all have basically similar programs. However, there are differences. For example when it comes to sports. And with the odds.

Nothing works without it: Deposit and Withdraw

In order to be able to place sports bets online in general, you must have money available. You usually have the choice between different currencies and means of payment. Bitcoins are an example. The normal customer from Germany pays of course with the Euro. If you open an account, you make a deposit. Usually 10 € are required. With the Bitcoin the default would be a different one. You have different means of payment to choose from, could arrange a bank transfer, a faster bank transfer, pay from a credit card or use an electronic purse such as PayPal. Other options exist. Once you’ve won money, choose a payout method. The money will then be transferred.

Deposit money to win money

If you want to place sports bets with Bitcoin and deposit money with the digital currency, you need to do the following. First of all, register with a Bitcoin betting provider like If you have created an account and found out in a test report or other way that Bitcoins is an accepted payment method, go to the Account section or click directly on Deposit. This varies from provider to provider. Specify the amount you want to deposit. Find out in advance what Bitcoins can do for you. If the money is available in your account, you can place sports bets as desired. Or you can opt for the popular live bets. All this is also possible via sports betting apps or mobile betting websites.

You have won? Simply request a payout

Let’s assume that you have successfully placed sports bets with Bitcoins. The account balance is so interesting that you are thinking about a payout. The process is the same as when you place your sports bets with the Euro. Only that you do not have to choose between different means of payment. You go to payout and since the Bitcoin is applied directly, it is also the only option you can use. The money is virtually transferred to your Bitcoin account. As this is a digital transfer, it is done in a short time. You don’t have to pay attention to anything else. You could now exchange the Bitcoins for Euro if you wish.

Betting provider with Bitcoin: The exact procedure

Basically, the principle of sports betting is no different with a bet with Bitcoins than when you would be active with normal money. The account must of course exist and there must be money on it. You have to transfer this from your account with Bitcoins. If you have one, you should be able to estimate the currency and its units. Experience has shown that this requires a certain conversion. Otherwise you make your bet as normal. To do this, click on the odds and enter a number on the betting slip. This must of course correspond to your account balance or at least have less. The last step is to place the bet. Once this has been done, all you have to do is hope that your bet was correct. In this case there will be a win booked. If it was not correct from your bet.

Betting with normal money

The described procedure would not be different with normal money. Only that you can probably estimate the Euro better. This applies to most weather conditions. You have money on your account and would like to place a sports bet. In addition the sport is selected from the rich program.

  • You decide on one of the available options and click on the odds. At this moment the betting slip opens.
  • The odds are recorded in this and if you decide to bet, you will immediately see how high your winnings will be.
  • If necessary, you will be shown directly how to deal with the betting tax prescribed by law in Germany. Normally a deduction is made or the tax has already been paid. Very rarely it is taken over.
  • Again, the principle applies that a correct tip leads to a bet win and thus to an increase in the account balance. If a bet is not successful, the bet is lost.

Why Bitcoin sports betting is not always possible

When the topic of sports betting with Bitcoin is discussed, a restriction must not be omitted. The digital currency now has a certain status. But it is by no means a standard. Neither in everyday life, nor on the Internet for all users, nor in sports betting. This means that the bookmakers only present Bitcoins as an option on the Internet in a clearly arranged number. It is usually the internationally active companies that are active on all continents and have millions of customers. Even with them the Bitcoin will be particularly in the focus, but quasi only incidentally mentioned.

HTC Vive Cosmos

A few years ago the interest in the virtual reality was still large: The hype cycle, which accompanies VR already since the nineties, let people euphorically long for the publications of the first market-ready VR headsets. That was in 2016, when Oculus, HTC and Sony defined how consumer-friendly and immersive VR glasses with six degrees of freedom should look and function.

Oculus and Sony relied on outside-in-tracking, which was realized via connected cameras. HTC, which published Vive in cooperation with Valve, used SteamVR’s Lighthouse system, a marker-based inside-out tracking system.

The glasses search for both stations that emit a pulsed infrared laser. Based on the time difference of the incident rays on the sensors on the glasses, a position and orientation of the headset accurate to the millimetre is then calculated.

Since the end of last year, the company has been able to gain experience with its enterprise product HTC Focus, a makerless inside-out tracking system, which is now to be extended to the normal “consumer” business with Vive Cosmos. Among other things, the new tracking system is intended to increase convenience, as the absence of base stations reduces room preparation to a minimum. Just as Oculus VR has already shown the way with the Rift S and the Quest at the beginning of the year, so they want to create a more user-friendly experience with VR. On the other hand, HTC has a full 800 Euro price tag on the headset, automatically positioning it in the enthusiast segment. On the one hand, the Vive Cosmos has to do everything better that the Rift S can do for less. At the same time, the glasses must be able to offer enthusiast features like Valves Index to justify the price.

HTC Vive Cosmos: First impression, features and specifications

Compared to the predecessor Vive from 2016, a few things have changed in the appearance of the new glasses – the most striking is probably the Halo band. The Halo strap attaches to the head and distributes the weight of the glasses evenly over the skull, which represents an enormous ergonomic gain over the 2016 model. There, they were fixed with straps, which always resulted in ski mask impressions on the face or even pressure pain during longer sessions. The colour of the new headset has also changed, so that it now shimmers in a metallic blue, which is perhaps still familiar from the HTC Vive Pro. Similar to the updated model from 2018, the sound is now an integral part of the headset: Two extremely soft and movable ear cups on the halo band can be attached to your own hearing organs. The VR headset makes an elegant and high-quality impression, even if the product design with the open pattern on the visor may not suit everyone’s taste.

In terms of ergonomics and comfort, HTC has done quite a bit, but to be honest it couldn’t have been too difficult either, since in the 2016 model only straps held the glasses by pressure on the skull. Thanks to a rotating ring on the back of the head, you can adjust the halo strap to your own head diameter, a Velcro strap in the middle secures the headset additionally to the skull and allows the wearer to better fix the sweet spot of the VR glasses in front of his eyes. In addition, there are removable forehead and back of the head pads, which often give off a plastic rattle and crack when using the headset. The reason for this might be the modular design, because here some clamping noses hold the cushions in the glasses and generate noises when moving. Unfortunately, this bites itself off with the elegant and high-quality impression from the beginning, yes, it literally gives the glasses a cheap paint job. But the glasses also make other noises, because HTC has a small fan built into the front. This guarantees that the lenses don’t fog up and that the welding development in the face is limited. The fan is audible, but only as long as you don’t wear your glasses and don’t immerse yourself in the action. The last big comfort update is of course the markerless Inside-Out-Tracking, which is used by six cameras on the headset itself for position determination. This eliminates the need to prepare a play area and the need to set up annoying external sensors.


HTC Vive Cosmos: The Controllers and Tracking

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The new Vive Cosmos controllers are very similar in form factor to the Oculus touch controllers, only a bit chunkier and bigger. Without batteries a controller weighs 167 g, with the two necessary mignon cells it’s already 215 g.

This corresponds to an additional weight of 65.4 percent (57.6 percent without batteries) compared to the touch controllers of the Rift S. The additional weight is really noticeable and can lead to exhaustion after some time in motion-intensive games. Above all, the characteristic tracking ring is much more bulky than that of the competition from the USA and also has an illuminated pattern. This may remind you of a tribal tattoo from the 90s, but it is mainly responsible for the tracking and the orientation of the input devices, but it empties the batteries of the controller accordingly faster.

HTC Vive Cosmos: The Optics

Two 3.4 inch LCD panels are used in the VR glasses, which have an update rate of 90 Hz and are equipped with an RGB subpixel matrix. This means that a resolution of 1,440 × 1,700 pixels can be output per eye, which is slightly more than with competing glasses: Valves Index, the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive Pro can each display 1,440 × 1,600 pixels per eye, whereas the Rift S “only” displays 1,280 × 1,440 pixels. Due to the increased number of pixels, the screen door effect, which was a major criticism of the 2016 Vive, has almost completely disappeared: You have to make an enormous effort to see the technical effect. The higher resolution and the field of view of about 110°, which is slightly lower than Valves Index, result in a higher pixel density than the competition.

The output image is of course very sharp, so that you can read even small fonts without any problems. Even if no OLED displays were used, the LCDs create decent black levels that don’t need to hide. Dark or black areas don’t degenerate into a greyish compromise, so you won’t be deprived of immersion in dark scenes. With the Oculus Rift S, the IPD controller fell victim to the cost-cutting measures, but with the HTC Vive Cosmos it’s back again – with a price tag of 800 Euros, it would have been somewhat surprising if that hadn’t been the case. With this control you can set your interpupillary distance, i.e. the distance between your pupils, in a range from 61 to 73 mm. This makes horizontal and vertical lines sharper.

  1. The lenses used have a Fresnel cut, but the optics have been improved compared to the Vive and Vive Pro, since beam bundles and glare are only registerable to a lesser extent.
  2. Really recognizable or annoying this becomes maximum in very high contrast scenes and even there it was limited, so it was not overly present.
  3. Nevertheless, the maximum sharpness point is quite tight, as you might know from other VR headsets. This means that as soon as you don’t look at this middle focus spot anymore, the image becomes a bit blurred.

HTC Vive Cosmos: Viveport and Bench

Vive Cosmos comes with a half-year subscription to Infinity on HTC’s Viveport platform. This is basically a storefront for VR titles, on which you can use a VR flat consisting of several hundred games for half a year. There is no real difference between other VR offers like Steam or Oculus. During the installation Lens and a VR console are added to the disk, so that the first time you start it it can get a bit confusing. This happens especially when you start titles from SteamVR, because then the responsibility of the programs is not completely clear and it can happen that you jump from SteamVR to Viveport, only to end up in SteamVR again. This makes HTC’s software suite a bit confusing and artificial.

The analysis with the VR-FCAT-Tool shows that due to the increased number of pixels and the higher refresh rate of the display the GPU is more affected by the HTC Vive Cosmos than for example with an Oculus Rift S. Already with an RX 480 or GTX 1060 graphically simple titles like Beatsaber can be played without problems, but also more complex games like Hellblade can be enjoyed almost without problems in VR even at the highest quality level. On the whole the Vive Cosmos shows more runaways than the Rift S and usually takes a little longer for a frame. Nevertheless, it turns out that the VR glasses can be used well with an RX 480.

HTC Vive Cosmos: Conclusion

The successor of the HTC Vive is a complete technical improvement to its predecessor, just as it usually should be. A colourful and high-resolution LC display, in which the fly screen effect has been reduced to an imperceptible minimum, also allows the reading of small fonts and draws a clear, appealing picture without massive clusters of rays or glare. If the tracking was initially faulty, no real disadvantage could be detected in the test. In a direct comparison, only a slightly unclean movement could be registered, but on the whole the updates seem to be fruitful.

Technically speaking, the HTC Vive Cosmos is a really good VR headset, which does a lot right and is technically very well ahead. The real problem, however, is the price, which is pretty high at 800 Euros. The innovations alone don’t justify such a price tag, even though the ergonomic gain compared to the 2016 model is enormous and the higher resolution draws a sharp and appealing picture. For almost 200 Euro more you would get the complete system of the Valve Index – the premium VR goggles, which technically has even a bit more to offer. On the other hand: If you want to save 350 Euro and buy an Oculus Rift S, you basically get exactly the same. The sound is clearly worse with the cheaper competition and the resolution per eye is lower, but that was it basically. The Vive Cosmos therefore lacks the unique selling point or the reason why so much money should be spent on this headset.

  • The modular design of the headset is really recommendable and trend-setting, not only because of repairs and tinkering, but also because HTC wants to offer more modules.
  • In addition to an already available Wi-Fi adapter, which enables wireless VR gaming (but also costs 300 euros), the company initially wants to launch a module for the SteamVR tracking system.
  • Although this would make the new tracking system directly absurd, it would be a unique selling point as a combination.
  • One would have had to bundle such a module with the glasses for the same price and possibly to focus more on modularity and future parts. So the glasses are simply too expensive, even if it is a good headset.

Geoblocking: How to still reach foreign shops and websites

Geoblocking is a nuisance because it denies access to certain content and products on foreign websites. It may well be that a Swiss person wants to order something in a foreign online shop, but is then directed to a more expensive Swiss website. What you can do about it and what this geoblocking is exactly, we’ll tell you today.

What is geoblocking?

Geoblocking is an Internet measure that prevents access to a website from certain regions. You have probably already experienced geoblocking, for example on Youtube or when watching movies on netflix, when it says: “This content is not available in your country”.

How does Geoblockling work?

We don’t want to fall into technical gibberish with the answer, therefore in all brevity:

  • Every computer (smartphone, tablet, etc.) that logs on to the Internet is assigned an IP address.
  • The IP address provides information about the country in which the computer is located.
  • A website is accessed from a computer.
  • The website controls where the IP address of the computer comes from.
  • If the computer is located in a region that is not allowed to access the website, the request is rejected or redirected to another website.

Why is geoblocking used?

The most common reason has to do with content distribution rights. For example, a television station has the right to show a film in its TV programme and media library. However, they are only allowed to show the film in their area of broadcasting. Since the Internet has no broadcasting area, the television station must ensure that only viewers* from its broadcasting area have access to the film in the media library. The TV station is therefore setting up a geo-blockade.

But there are also other reasons. For example, cloud services from the same provider are cheaper in country X than in country Y. A user in country Y could now simply register with the cloud service in country X and benefit from the lower prices. Geoblocking is used to prevent this from happening.

Also completely normal Internetshops use partial Geoblocking, in order to direct the users to the regional offers. And depending on the region, these offers are either more expensive or less expensive.

Geoblocking EU

Much has now been done within the EU to prevent geoblocking. This is how the European internal market is to develop to its full potential on the Internet. One of the most important steps was the Portability Regulation for music and video services. It has been in force since 1 April and ensures that a subscriber to Prime Video, Netflix or Sky Go can access content throughout the EU. However, it only applies to paid services. Free media libraries, such as those of public service broadcasters, are not affected. A German can therefore watch “Game of Thrones” on Sky in Italy, but not the latest Rosamunde Pilcher film in the ZDF media library.

The EU Parliament also voted in favour of a draft regulation on 6 February this year. This means that dealers and service providers will no longer be allowed to deny customers from another member state access to their online portals on a blanket basis. Automatic redirection to a sometimes more expensive website in the user’s country of origin will also no longer be permitted. For example, Disneyland Paris had long redirected visitors to its website to national sub-pages. Only there could they book tickets. Depending on the visitor’s country of origin, the prices were then higher or lower – in Germany, for example, you had to pay more than in Poland.

Geoblocking Switzerland

Unfortunately, the Swiss are not involved in the decisions and efforts of the EU. They have to live with geoblocking, whether for paid streaming services or orders on the Internet. The “Handelszeitung” has written an interesting report on this subject, which deals with the pros and cons of geoblocking. Here you can find the geoblocking article from the Handelszeitung.

What is Ubuntu Linux?

Ubuntu is a free operating system based on the Linux distribution Debian, which is also available free of charge. The first version was released in October 2004. The development is subject to the Canonical Foundation and members of the Ubuntu community.

The goal and philosophy of the open source Ubuntu development was and is to provide an operating system that allows anyone on Earth to use a computer (or computer-like device). This is to be achieved by the free nature of Ubuntu on the one hand, since also for enterprises, which offer the operating system in prefabricated devices, no license fees as for instance with Windows result. On the other hand, ease of use plays a central role in the concept of Ubuntu, as Linux-based operating systems do not have a reputation in the general public for offering that simple application.

Use of open source software

As it is the case in many Linux distributions, Ubuntu also relies on a delivery with important programs that are all available free of charge and are intended to replace proprietary applications. According to the philosophy of the Ubuntu development team (which should coincide with the views of the vast majority of Linux developers), every user should be able to do what he thinks is right with every application.

This includes the distribution of the programs to friends and acquaintances, further development based on the source code and more. In the delivery state, the programs actually used by most users are already on board. These include text editing applications, an audio player, a web browser and more. Further programs can be installed and changed later.

Versions of Ubuntu

The goal of the Ubuntu developers is to provide a major release every six months. This is also recognizable by the version numbers, which for example with versions 13.04 and 13.10 already show April and October in this number. The exact changes that will be made will always be announced in a comprehensive change log.

In addition to the usual Ubuntu releases there are LTS versions (Long Term Support). These versions, which are released every two years, are specially provided for companies and server environments. They receive support with updates for five years and are therefore much better suited for critical environments than non-LTS versions. The LTS program was launched by Canonical in 2006. The installation of LTS versions is also possible for private users without any problems and has no limitations.

Variants of Ubuntu

In the current version, Ubuntu relies on the desktop environment Unity, which provides a simple application for beginners and at the same time sufficient complexity and option variety for experienced users. Due to the open-source nature of the operating system, however, there are also modifications such as Kubuntu, which uses KDE as its environment, or Ubuntu Studio, which will be used primarily in the professional area of audio and video editing.

The first version of Ubuntu Touch was released in 2013. It was an operating system designed for use on smartphones. The first smartphones offering Ubuntu Touch pre-installed were released in 2016. The development was frozen in January 2017 due to a lack of market acceptance, in addition no more smartphones based on Ubuntu Touch will be sold and the app store will be closed at the end of 2017.

Distribution of Ubuntu worldwide

Two different statistics give insight into the current distribution of Ubuntu in the households of end customers. By 2017, 89 percent of Ubuntu households in the U.S. will be using Windows, while seven percent will be using MacOS. The share of Linux is less than one percent, and Ubuntu can also be found in this figure. It is estimated that 25 million users worldwide use Ubuntu every day. The number could be somewhat higher in real terms, as three percent were not sure which operating system was being used.

  • Another survey based on the user numbers of Steam, the world’s largest gaming platform for PCs, from July 2016 paints a more accurate picture.
  • Here, the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is reported with a market share of 0.2 percent (which leaves Windows Vista behind, for example).
  • Since Linux is generally not a suitable operating system for computer games due to the lack of native DirectX support, this figure should not be extrapolated to the entire population.

More Information

Data Protection in Cloud Computing

According to the BSI, the location of the server is less important. Instead, the Federal Office emphasized to Handelsblatt Online: “Information security is basically independent of location. Security measures must be implemented to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data and services for the benefit of the users”. Even if access to the cloud takes place via foreign Internet servers, this ensures that confidential information remains confidential even if the connection is unsecured, says BSI spokesman Tim Griese. According to the Bitkom survey, many entrepreneurs, 74 percent to be precise, only trust cloud solutions whose servers are located in EU law or in Germany – not least for data protection reasons.

Nevertheless: “Technically, that’s correct,” says Fraunhofer computer scientist Mario Hoffmann. “But you have to be aware that companies and private individuals in Germany enjoy better data protection than elsewhere. If companies attach importance to a legal framework that allows them to act against violations, the choice can only be Germany as the location.”

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

If a company does not maintain its customer database in its own data center, but uses an online service such as, it saves investment in infrastructure. In addition, billing is usually staggered, for example, according to the number of users or memory consumption. Business customers hope to achieve cost savings as a result.

  • Those who rent storage space on the network can react flexibly to demand and increase or decrease demand quickly and easily. If, for example, a start-up grows rapidly, it simply increases capacity. This also results in low fixed costs.
  • There is no need to install it on your own computers.
  • This means that a new system can be introduced extremely quickly. Also the updates do not cause any more problems, thus the administration expenditure sinks. However, the cloud services usually cannot be configured as individually.

To use the cloud services, employees only need an Internet connection – regardless of their location and the device they are using.

Data service providers advertise that they deal more intensively with IT security than individual users or companies. However, the cloud providers’ data centers are also an attractive target for hackers due to the large amount of data. Secret services are also showing great interest. In addition, it is difficult to determine from the outside whether the provider is sufficiently protecting the data from its own employees. Outsourcing therefore means a loss of control.

Many companies are dependent on their service provider because they cannot easily switch to another provider. This is due, for example, to the fact that they have to adapt their systems to the interfaces at great expense. Also users often have difficulties when they want to change the provider with their data.

Another question: What happens if the operator of a service goes bankrupt? Only when there are standards that make it possible to switch from one service provider to another will dependency decrease.

After all, there is enough risk potential for company data there. Internet browsers, for example, which represent the web interfaces of many cloud applications, are the gateway to malware. According to an analysis by the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, the number of security vulnerabilities rose by a good 2000 to 6500 between 2011 and the end of 2014. Nearly 1870 – almost 29 percent – of these are the most popular browsers Internet Explorer by Microsoft (700), Chrome by Google (600) and Firefox by Mozilla (570). According to HPI Director Christoph Meinel, they are probably the most frequently used points of attack for hackers.

The Danish security company Secunia annually lists the emergence of software vulnerabilities and, like the Hasso Plattner Institute, registers an increasing number of incidents. “30 days after a vulnerability becomes known, patches, i.e. digital corrections, are only available in 84.3 percent of cases,” says Kasper Lindgaard, Director of Research and Security at Secunia. “In this case, companies need a Plan B to ensure the security of their systems.”

Data Traffic: Fear of Cyber Espionage

A so-called hybrid cloud is such a possibility with Plan B. With Plan B, a company uses its own and leased servers in a network. Where which data is stored is determined in advance by the company. Production-relevant plans and contract documents, for example, remain within the company’s own software; less explosive files and encrypted backups are stored by the cloud service provider.

Can I really be anonymous on the Internet?

Anonymity is defined as “staying unknown” or “not being recognized”. You are not “anonymous” when you are online, even if you use privacy tools like TOR, Bitcoin or VPN services.

Each service has at least one piece of information that might point to you or distinguish you from other users. No matter if it is the IP address (VPN and TOR) or the address of your wallet for Bitcoin. This information alone does not reveal any details about you as a user, but this data can be merged with other data and thus your identity can be clearly recognized.

  • Some publications have also correctly recognized that neither Tor nor Bitcoin let you be “anonymous.
  • Even a VPN service does not directly make you “anonymous”, but it can still considerably increase your privacy and security on the Internet.
  • Therefore, privacy is a much more realistic goal to achieve than real anonymity.
  • Check for a comparison of VPN provider

Privacy is a personal idea of each individual and has different meanings for different people. But in general it means that people can decide for themselves which activities they want to share with others or not. Therefore, “privacy” can also mean that you can express yourself and express your opinion, even if you do not want this to be directly attributable to you.

What does a “good” VPN provider do?

It does not advertise with “anonymity” or so that it does not store any log files securely. A transparent presentation that also gives you the security that the company takes care of your privacy and that you can trust is more important than untenable promises.

Anonymity and privacy are not the same

Services that promise to make you “anonymous” and at the same time value all data that can lead to you to eliminate create too high expectations. As you can see in “Myth #1”, it is simply not possible to maintain 100% anonymity. However, services that actively protect your privacy instead of just not storing any data will be much more successful.

Internet users can use “private browsers”, proxies, TOR, send encrypted messages, use VPN’s or other great tools to increase your privacy. But it is never possible simply to leave no traces that could lead to you. It is possible to avoid mass monitoring by governments or companies that want to collect your data, but none of the tools that will serve this purpose and no combination of different applications can actually make you “anonymous”. Privacy is an achievable goal, but “anonymity” is just a false promise.

What does a “good” VPN provider do?

VPN services that use their own DNS servers and carry out the transmission of data via highly developed and also cleanly implemented encryption types can protect you specifically against mass monitoring and also targeted attacks on your data. But they do not promise “guaranteed anonymity”.

Chat Support Software Providers

If you are missing this important tool, you must begin using it best aside. These times arrive across a fresh software related to live chat support, every now and then. However, not every tool or software program is useful. Initial of all go for the correct software program for your business and appreciate great business. To make your job easy, right here is a directory of best ten conversation support assistance companies. These are judgment the graphs this complete yr by giving seamless solutions and fetching great evaluations by their users.

Scroll straight down and check out the list

Zendesk: With great evaluations and multiple benefits, the 1st chat software in our list is Zendesk. It definitely helps in enhancing your terms with the customers. Zendesk allows you to communicate with your clients through various modes like phones and emails. You can get connected to your customers on the social media platform as well and of program you possess live conversation moderate. When you make use of Zendesk, you can attach to your customers on different mediums through one solitary system. It can help you in having a significant conversation which may be effective in character as you can obtain instant conversation from the client’s part. At present, Zendesk is used in 150+ countries and it offers live chat support in more than 40 languages that makes it an user-friendly. You can change it according to your convenience.

Provide Support: This is one of the oldest companies in the business and they know what customers want. Their prices are very fair and you can selet a plan that fit your needs. There is a very detailed review about provide support here:, therefore we don`t need to say more about them here.

Velaro: One of the most liked customer support software, Velaro is always to be customized according to the need of the business. It is absolutely extremely versatile and you have a tendency possess to mould your business strategies around it because it will adjust regarding to your requirements. Velaro got an inbuilt CRM component plus a purchasing basket device that provides recommendations to the clients on items, which is certainly structured on their past browsing. You can discover the products in the basket of your customers also, obtain their purchasing background and the previous chat records. When you have such detailed data related to your clients, you can easily start the communication and make your sale.

Olark: Olark is a popular chat support software which offers some really cool features including targeted chat and cobrowsing. They have some really cool themes for holidays and it helps a lot in grabbing the attention of the clients. Olark can integrate with Highrise easily, Zendesk, Webhooks and it all shall offer the transcriptions to your CRM. You can also check the discussion price of the conversation and make a number of concern clients. For producing even more product sales, it is normally a fine software program.

My LiveChat: For those companies who want the talk support to appearance more personal, using My LiveChat is normally the best software program. You can also monitor the true period guests who are on-line. This is definitely also a great software for multiple talk classes. Plus you can keep a record of the FAQs related to the products and services offered by your company. It helps a lot in providing instant results and that can lead to more sales. If you need to do logos through talk, My LiveChat presents the feature of writing your logo design with the market. You can also send personalized greetings and wishes and send to the clients through this software.

LiveHelpNow: If your business is normally little or moderate, you may go in for LiveHelpNow. The user is allowed by This software to perform live chat along with sending individualized messages. It works with translation of message and if you are searching for some offers and special discounts, this one is definitely the perfect talk support software. The rate of integration of LiveHelpNow with Google Analytics, AdSense and Salesforce is snappy in addition it gives an exclusive extension named Sociable Ideas. By using this, you can property at the public profile of your guests and you could conveniently check if they possess been to your site before or not really. This is normally a simple software program with amazing features.

SnapEngage: SnapEngage is also a great software program for discussion support. They possess this wonderful feature of climate on their discussion system which shows your location as well. It can help you in participating the customers . Apart from that, it is definitely an efficient and easy to use tool. It not only helps you communicate with your customers but it gets adapted to the workflow of your organization and you may cope with the customers with ease. While using this tool, you can create helpful messages and correspond to various social media related to your business. It can be a complete manager of your business.

You can directly chat with your clients through Facebook by using this software . It allows the customer support executive to add a picture and by doing this you can make the profile look more personal. While working in a team, you can easily transfer chat from one agent to the other one.

LiveChat: LiveChat can be a wonderful and simple to make use of conversation support software program which can be ideal for all the systems like Google android, Window and Mac etc. It assists in improving the factors of your customers. For a best conversation with your customers and obtaining genuine period site visitors LiveChat can be constantly regarded as as the greatest one in market. You can obtain the browsing information, past chat records and database related to the online customers LiveChatInc.

LivePerson: When it comes to the best interactive chat support software, LivePerson usually comes into mind. This is because it offers easy alliance with Salesforce and Facebook app. An array is definitely had by This software of features decked up with analytical tools. By using these equipment you can shape out the main loopholes of the conversation procedure plus it offers a feature with which the client can price the conversation encounter. If you are searching for some software program which can help you in monitoring the errors and improving in customer communication, this is the best one. It is a flexible and easy to use software.

ClickDesk: When it comes to a chat software which enables the involvement of multiple customers at one time, you cannot go wrong with ClickDesk simply. It also provides the chance to the clients to select the setting of conversation discussion. The area can be known by you of the customer through this software. If you want to bridge the gap between your company and the customers, you must use this flexible, easy to use and helpful software.

PureChat: For those who are looking for a dynamic live chat support software for their small business, PureChat is the right one. It helps in generating leads, up surging sales and keeping a record of the visitors on the website. You can easily make conversation with your target customers with this software. It gives the opportunity of sending multiple messages to customers with just one click.