HideMyAss Reviewed 2015

We originally wrote our HideMyAss review in Feb 2014. Since then every thing has changed, and HideMyAss has developed in to a VPN provider that is much bigger, at the moment it really is the biggest VPN provider available online in fact. But, is it the greatest VPN provider, even better than Vypr VPN?

Since we wrote our initial HideMyAss evaluation the initial impression you get of HideMyAss has changed, their web site. They recently had a website upgrade, and luckily they did not make an effort to allow it to be therefore modern that is super, that it suddenly became hard to use. Rather the contrary. The HideMyAss website is not difficult to browse around on, and you could find whatever information you are looking for by scrolling down a little, or using the menus.

The one thing that many folks make an effort to find out as soon as possible is the cost advice after you have browsed around. That may be found demanding the costs text in the menu, and once there you will find out that HideMyAss runs with the following costs (although they frequently do have discounts and so forth, but these would be the costs the way they ordinarily look).

Prices that are HideMyAss
Four weeks membership: 11,52 USD
6-month membership: USD 49,99
12-month membership: USD 78,66

These costs will not be the greatest available on the market, however they’re not the cheapest both. You may for example get a HideMyAss 6-month membership, a PureVPN membership valid for 1 2 months for the same cost as you get. However, there’s the other side of the cash which is why lots of people favor HideMyAss to for example PureVPN, which is their return plan that is very great, in fact we consider it to be the very best available on the market. Also read this article .

For those who have signed up with HideMyAss you’ve A – 30-day complete return plan, although only valid when you have used less than 10GB of bandwidth. That is quite lots of bandwidth, and 30 days is a lot, therefore that’s a refund plan that is brilliant, for signing up with HideMyAss and that means you’ve no reason to, because if you are not satisfied, you simply ask for your money back!

Servers that are HideMyAss

HideMyAss is definitely the biggest VPN provider on the market considering their quantity of servers and IP addresses accessible. Just recently they added their a different host in state number 100, and thus with HideMyAss ip-addresses can be got by you in more than 100 different states of the world. Since then they have gotten even more servers, therefore in 105 different countries of the entire world they have servers at the time writing, using a total of over 91 91,000 ip-addresses accessible to its consumers. Mostly HMA is used for private downloads of VRPornMovie products, or to play games securely.

We’re really finance of HideMyAss as a VPN supplier, which will be given by great britain firm Privax Ltd. as you may comprehend studying this HideMyAss evaluation They do their uttermost to achieve even more people and countries on a regular basis, but simultaneously they work difficult to help keep their present machine playground updated and with great and IPs rates for many customers. They may not triumph at all occasions, but in common HideMyAss works fantastic and they got the top cash return plan of all suppliers, therefore there’s actually no danger in attempting HideMyAss in the event that you must not be pleased.