VPN location restrictions to be bypassed by Smart DNS Proxy

VPN and DNS are both great answers protect your privacy and to bypass location restrictions. Both can be used to hide and change your location. I had been in scenario where I liked to stream my favourite TV show “My Name Is Earl, if it matters :)” on Netflix just to discover that it does not show in my own current Netflix library, so I had to shift my location to be able to do this. I had two picks VPN vs Smart DNS proxies. Please check my About page to learn why my view might matter. VPN vs Smart DNS Proxy Comparison to unlock areas Select between smart dns proxy and vpn to unlock areas VPN vs Smart DNS Proxy, what things to pick. Both alternatives could be setup and both alternatives do have particular edges. It is your responsibility to select which one suits you best. I will describe what differences I discovered when I did compare VPN vs Smart DNS proxies, what services I used and leave you to make a choice. Please see the VPN vs DNS comparison below. VPN to bypass location restrictions. Easy to setup, only signup get the your username and password and follow the instructions All your traffic is encrypted and masked, virtually speaking no one can eavesdrop on you. You will notice your Internet is slower if you do use a low quality VPN service, I will be using Express VPN and it is working great for me personally however. VPN does supply Apps for IOS, Android, MAC and PC, which makes it actually utilize to setup and use. If you’re dwelling in Denmark, and you use a VPN server in the USA, all USA sites are unblocked “Dramafever, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu” however your local sites is not going to operate anymore. There are far more than 300 servers. Internationally distributed everywhere. Your Smart TV plus some other